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About Me

Photography has been a big part of mine and my family’s life as I was introduced to it by my uncles and my father at a very young age in the darkroom. I studied it throughout school right up to my first year of college. After my first year of college, I took a sabbatical from photography right around the the time that 35mm started to loose popularity and decided to move over to computer science. I ended up working as a system administrator and support technician for 12-13 years and then went back photography not lon after that. Luckily, this change arrived at the right time as photography took the digital turn and I was able to combine both passions.

In 2004, I received my first DSLR from my wife. A Minolta Maxxum 7D which I was already equipped with since my time with film. Five months or so later, I was found by a well-established wedding photographer in Little Italy and started as a second shooter for him for the next six years. In that time, I also found a corporate photographer who has become a family friend and we still shoot together on corporate projects. I continue to shoot weddings on and off for myself and a few other photographers in our little network. I continue to shoot weddings when the opportunity arises.

I started at Gosselin Photo Video Inc. in mid to late 2014, where I first started out as a salesman in the camera department and also became an instructor of photography and photography equipment. Not long after I was promoted to manager of the Photo Services Department (photo lab) at our Laval location and now our new Brossard location in the outdoor mall of Dix30. I am also a lecturer on photography representing Gosselin with the local photo clubs.


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